She could never control the flame, 

It always became a wildfire,

Which she could not contain.

Until one day she discovered,

That she was the wildfire,

And was not meant to be tame. 


The Bunny was no more. Gone and unmade himself. The man stood still, watching her face as he told her this. Behind her, in the Shadows, the Goddess watched, waiting to see. The girls eyes glazed over, and for a moment, he thought the tear would fall.

But it did not, it did not betray her and she stepped forward to him.

As always, she drowned in his perfection, he was everything she ever dreamed of, and she knew that that was his intent. Her hands rested upon his chest as she looked up into his icy blue eyes.

But I have you.

She said simply as his arms wrapped around her and crushed her so hard the world started to go dark. He whispered to her;

Unlike those who’ve come before and gone again, I will never leave you, as long as you sing to me your breathless song every night, forever by your side I will be with you, from moon to sun, through the endless night, from death to birth to death to birth through the eons I will be with you, your demon in the dark, fanning your flames, reminding you of not just who you are, but what you are, my little witch.

Her words came out in a fierce whisper such was the depth of truth and honour upon them, such was the feeling that she felt behind her words, that flame laced the final three words she was to say;

As long as there is breath in my body, I am yours, as long as blood is in my veins, I am yours, as long as my soul lives and my heart beats, I am yours. Tied and bound to you for an eternity my dark lover, by mark of the flame, forever I AM YOURS.

The woman watched from the shadows, a faint smile touched her cold lips, the time was coming, and she finally knew the girl had what she needed to finally be who she was meant to be, much to disdain of all those around her, who aspired for her to be something other than what she was born to be. Finally, he had bound himself to her, and she to him, and now there was no limit to how far she could go.

The prophecy would hold true, the girl would be all they said she would, and so much more.

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