Just Beginnings

She thought back the beginning, to how they came to be, of how it all was so perfect yet not for one moment easy.

The greatest trials are the ones that build our greatest strengths and strongest bonds, the masked witch whispered from deep in the dark somewhere.

She brooded. She had left the tunnels, wondered in the light, revealing in it until the bunny’s constant sniggering finally got to her.

Open your eyes stupid girl. Was all he would say to her.

It hit her suddenly, as want to do when it came to her. The light wasn’t real. No wonder she got no benefit from it, just another cavern of illusion. What had she been thinking when she embarked upon this journey? Of course she knew, but she would rather not admit right now what it was she was thinking.

Let me out, the masked one whispered, let me out and I will lead us out!

She shuddered as she entered the twilight, following the great wall. She knew he followed, at some distance behind. No matter how well he masked himself, he could not hide from her, any more than she could hide from him.

The air felt strange suddenly … oppressive … the horse faltered. She did not know this feeling, this was no magic she had ever known. She turned to see him riding hard towards her, even as the air began to thicken and her view of all things around her disappeared.

Just like that, she was gone from her horse, and stood in the middle of a fairground … one unlike any you have ever seen, yet nothing was going to prepare her for what was to come, nothing could have ever prepared her for the deadly Geisha Clown.


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