The Tragedy of Five

All I wanted to do, was sit in the dark with you, and hold your hand, when your demons come, so that you knew, your fight was not alone, that I was there for you. All I wanted to do, was be beside you, and catch your tears, and quell your fears, and keep the shadows at bay. All I wanted to do, was be close to you, to hold your broken heart, and squeeze it tight, until it beat in time with mine, and I felt your mind

All I ever wanted to do, was simply be with you. 

The rain poured down, the water began to swirl at her bare feet, rising quickly under the grey skies as she trekked through the ruins. The scarf upon her head dripped water into her eyes, her shirt stuck to her like a second skin. Denim is never comfortable when wet she muses as her pants become the enemy as she strive to move at pace. Her hand squeezes on the black obsidian arrow head.

She meant to put it in his heart, and release all the demons at once into him, and this time she would not fail. This time, he would have his demons back. The shadows in the ruins sought to frighten her, but she held true. Too many years she had been a prisoner here, she knew that they were naught by design, they had no real power, unless she gave it to them.

The arrow head cut into her hand, broke her skin, she felt the wetness of her own blood. As it should be, she thought to herself. She had been bleeding inside for so long she wasn’t sure how to stanch the wound anymore. Maybe this would finally work.

She braced herself. She had gotten through the ruins, the final hurdle before the secret place. She knew it would not be easy, she would face the deepest place of her love, the place she saw beyond the mask, the dark place that had long lost sight of the light.

She stepped inside the room. Pretty blue is everywhere, with all the things a boy could dream of. If ever there was a standard for what a real little boy’s room should look like, it was this. But on closer inspection she saw things … and for a moment she doubted herself, the voice of Alice told her she had no right to be here. But she did, she had every right, because he had given her the key.

She guessed he never thought she would make it here, his security was fierce and broke her many times, but now she stood here, looking at this beautiful little boy, his blonde hair ruffled, his face serene in sleep. She knew if he opened his eyes, a magical mix of blue and grey would great her, and should he smile, the most beautiful smile in the world. Her resolve almost faltered.

In her memory she heard the click clack of strappy rainbow shoes and remembered where she was and why it was that she came to be here. Tears filled her eyes. She raised her arm, bring her other hand to brace the one holding the arrowhead. The glass was deadly sharp, and her blood now ran freely down her arm as it cut into both her palms.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and let memory do its job. She could hear Alice sobbing.

When she opened her eyes, the boy was looking at her, confusion on his face and his big blue grey eyes questioning her. Already she could see the madness growing in his eyes, even before he knew it was there.

I’m sorry’ she said quietly, tears rolling down her face, as she brought the arrowhead down with all her might, slicing through his chest, between the bones that splintered as she threw her weight down upon it, pushing it until it found its mark. The boy cried out, a long awful howling noise, he could hear banging on the door, the old hound knew.

Once the arrow tip found its mark, she sung the words she had created long ago in reverse, and released all of the demons back into their dark. She pulled the stone back from his chest, not a break in the skin to be seen. Blackness filled his eyes, hatred so dark she had never seen. But she smiled, because she knew this was the end, no matter what the boy did, his demons had been returned, his hold on her was no more.

She walked out of the room, the hound screaming, what have you done, from behind the closed door. The shadows now shrunk from her, as she found the door, and closed it behind her for ever more. She prayed with all her might, to the Goddess that led her through the night, that this was finally done, that now the door was finally closed, and she could once again, walk beneath a blackened sun.


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