The Clear Light of Night

I cant stay, he whispers to her. But you must she begs. You must face this alone, he tells her. I can not she cries. She pulls away from him, the very ground rumbles with her rage.

She is tired of facing it alone, she is tired to her bones. She is sick of the fight, sick of being left along to fight battles that shouldn’t be hers to fight.

The ground rumbles again, and among the roses poppies once again rise.

Lest I should never forget, she spits at him in rage. The words cut his soul, she sees it in his face, and her own heart is shattering.

She walks back to the willow tree, rests her head upon it. She can hear him changing, hear the beat of his huge wings as he launches into the air. Feels the tears brim in her eyes but refuses to cry.

Instead she buried it deep down, with all the other hurts. Locks it away with Alice, the keeper of unrealistic dreams. She wills her heart to not feel anymore. To be cold and sterile like the world around her.

She locks it away, all the good parts of her, the parts that people always destroy. The trunk of the tree has become liquid … black silk flows across her skin and wraps tightly around her. Her red lips smile as the black mask covers her cold blue eyes.

The sky turns back to the long dark night, the never ending darkness that is always, in the end, the home she never wanted, but the one she got none the less. It was time to embrace it, and make the most out of the gifts the gods had seen fit to bless her with.

The tower would be remade, but this time, in the image of her desire, and hers alone.

The dragon watched from high above, his heart ached watching the warmth leave her soul, wondering if this time was the last, if this time she wouldn’t come back … and in turn, a part of him died, and the very same cold that crept into her soul, crept into his. He turned his eye and mind from her, and flew into the wind, things had begun 7 by 9 ago, and the time was coming, when all of this would end.

They must be ready.

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