Into The Light

They sat upon the broken wall, the setting sun behind them, her feet dangled yet swirled in an almost violent circular motion. ‘WHY’ she ranted at the bunny, who seemed to be oblivious to her temper tantrum. She continued to beret the poor bunny with questions she knew he did not have he answers for.

‘The answer is within you, you know this. You know it is because you can only do things the hard way, because if you make an oath, it is impossible for you to keep it, that you must break it, because despite what you say, Alice still lives within you, and in her are all your hopes and dreams.”

She froze, dark shadow across the sky awoke her thoughts of all she had lost. Her anger was gone, only sadness remained. And clarity. All this time, the toxic had lain within. Off the wall she jumped, dragging the bunny with her. Out of the tunnels she lead him.

Into the light of endless twilight.

The fire was swift, she covered her face as the field burnt before her. Every last poppy gone from the grass, which had remained green. To the middle of the field she walked, before her an old willow tree appeared. She sat down upon the ground, and pulled the bunny tight. She closed her eyes and forced herself to remember to remember how it had all really been.

Which of course, brought more then one tear, and to the ground they fell, and around her the field came to life.

Lush bushes sprouted up, sharp thorns and gorgeous buds, the scent heavy upon the air as hundreds of red roses all bloomed at once.

A smile crossed her face, memory of home, not of a house, but of a place, of an idea, of a hideaway in her mind, of her real home. And she was coming for it, from her field of roses, and this time, there would be no circle, this time, the song would change.

The shadow crossed the sky once again. Before her, in the field, once again he stood. Her heart beat twice as fast, as she stood and walked to his embrace. She thought she had lost him, thought he was forever gone, but he had returned, and together, they would find home.



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