She stood in the middle of an empty field, alone, not even the bunny was with her. The dragon long gone, lost to the endless sleep, and the demons with him. She was as completely alone as she had ever been. The sun refused to rise or set, it remained with its top just poking about the horizon, making the sky an eerie red. The clouds were like whips of smoke.

Dark green grass grew under her feet as even she stood there, except in the place where the tower had stood, the ground remained black, dead, lifeless.

A tear ran down her cheek, the circle was completed. All of the rituals had been completed, all of that which she had set out to achieve since the moment she set foot in the Tunnels had come to fruit. Now there was just this.

A field of green with no red.

Memory swirled around her mind with the rhythm of the beat of her heart, she fought to remember why this all began and where it was meant to lead. She had achieved the results, even as she stood watching, the sun refuse to move, wanting to glimpse the moon for that one moment, she knew that what was in play would soon be finished, the ritual had been extremely successful.

Yet the one thing she had wanted to manifest with all her heart hadn’t. More broken then she had ever been, the harsh reality that this was it, this is where all paths kept leading to, suddenly over came her.

There is no happy ending, not in her world.

She longed to cry out, to scream her rage, to stomp her feet, but she did none of these things, she swallowed hard. The tear that had sat on her cheek finally fell to the ground. Before her poppies began to grow, and before long the field was full of beautiful red poppies, their beautiful black centres looking at her. She was surround in a field of something she loved with all her soul, and yet it was toxic to her, if she touched just one, her life was forfeit.

The black circle of ground began to crack as she buried the dreams, the hopes, the desires, the everything she ever was silly enough to think she could obtain, buried them deep down in the place where the child Alice would guard them forever more. The sun, having glimpsed the moon as she strayed out from behind a cloud, finally sank down into the ground, the moon went behind the clouds once again, and in the full darkness she watched it rise again.

By her foot she felt the warm comfort of her old friend. He was pitch black, his bright red eyes shining in the dark. She picked him up and walked into the tower and down, down the stairs, down deep into the darkest tunnels that led to the darkest parts of the soul, and she vowed to never come back again.



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