Honestly, the rabbit some days wondered if she ever had a clue what she was doing. She was going to wrong way, the stupid girl, this was the long way, the more dangerous way, it was almost as if she … The bunny stiffened and a smirk crossed his face. His Mistress maybe wasn’t as stupid as he thought her to be.


She really couldn’t tell you why she had chosen to go to the left when they reached the top of the great stair. They had stopped for a moment. He was still recovering from his battle with the rainbow troll, though he would not admit it. For the first time she saw him in the light of twilight, and his face seemed like a face she had always known, and made her heart beat strangely. He was staring at her, she turned before she could blush, and headed to the left.

The left of the stair was not the correct way to go at the Lost Ocean of Sand, the right was a short trek to the Forest of Forgotten Men which was the quickest way out. Instead she had lead them on a trek that would lead them through the heart of the Lost Ocean Of Sand, and only but a few had survived that path …


I saved him momma, I saved him from the big angry dragon and now you want to punish me, you want to not let us be friends anymore? I wish we had stayed in the hidden place forever, I wish we had never come out! We would have perfectly fine forever together just he and I!

Her mother’s heart broke as her daughter’s words rained upon her, knowing that even at 3, she knew way too much for her own good, and her words were way too accurate. That is why her and the young prince could never be together, but yet, the Goddess knew in her heart, that this would not be her last battle over the two of them.

The MJ Diaries

The twine wrapped tightly around the rock, holding the cloth and its contents tightly to the rock. She skipped along the path, the dog trapped in shadow, kept low and alert, following her mistress down the embankment and out onto the rail bridge. The dog sat in the shadows at the end of the bridge, guarding her mistresses clothes. Naked upon the bridge, the mistress held the cloth high into the sky, under a black moon she sung words she had learnt deep in the abyss, she kissed her offering and threw it far from the bridge, a round plonk as it hit the dark water beneath. She lay open the railway line, bathing under twinkling stars under a black moonless sky. Presently, the dog let out one sharp bark and she rose quickly and walked from the bridge, picking up her clothes and disappearing into the darkness with her dog as the midnight freight train hammered across the bridge.

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