The land is floating among the stars, great chunks torn, aimlessly drifting in an unseen sphere. The stars twinkle in the relish black sky, yet somehow the light of twilight shines from a sun that has never shone.

She stands with her Bunny, he is battered and torn, his beautiful fur coat mattered and dirty. Her hair flies loose around her head, knots and tangles and the red ribbons torn to shreds stuck in the mess upon her head. Her dress, once white and pretty, is dirty, torn, disheveled. Her face is streaked with the red from the tears that have bled from her eyes. Her lips sting from her constant biting of them. Fear found us Bunnykinz, and look what it did.

It wasn’t the fear, no not at all, it was that terrible Miss Mo. She swung around, poor Bunny almost lost a limb. Before her stood a girl holding a brown teddy bear, with a beautiful green ribbon, that matched the ones in her long braided hair. Her hair was neat, her face bright and clean, her white dress was nice and clean. She did not know who this girl was, nor how she knew about Miss Mo, but she look around in fright, least that old witch should show.

But who are you? she asked now confused. But do you not know, do you not see, do you not recognise it is me? She was more confused than ever, she hugged her bunny tight. The girl hugged her teddy just as tightly as she did. Can you not tell, that you are looking in the mirror, of what once was, before you picked up that book, and looked inside and fell for the trick, before you wondered over the edge and fell, deep into the darkness of your souls own well. Can you not tell, that this is the very first mask you made to wear, the pretty little girl, with long braided hair, with a smile that warms the heart and eyes that melt a soul, this is the face of that little girl. The girl, before you broke her into a million pieces, again and again, and now look, now see, now this is where we stand. A world shattered and broken to pieces, and on every single one, a piece of you there is, there is a mirror waiting for you to look, to see what you lost, to see what you forgot, to see what you need, and what you may not. This is the result of all that work, a splintered soul, a multitude of tiny bits of yourself stashed away in different places for safe keeping, but now, now they can’t come together because what they were, they no longer are and some can never be, but others may be.

She picked up a rock and threw it at the little girl that stood before her, she shattered into a million pieces all around her. She stood still, holding her bunny close. The bright red tears of her bleeding heart slipped down her cheek.

I don’t want to look back Bunnykinz, I don’t want to look in all those mirrors. The bunny nodded, and told her it was ok, she could be lost for a little while. She walked across the broken shards and stepped off the edge, and fell into the deepening twilight of the dark crossroads of the never ending long dark night.


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