Red Earth

Is it dead do you think? The Bunnykinz asked. 

Yes. She said.

Well why are you still talking to it? The Bunnykinz wanted to know.

Because it doesn’t know it’s dead. She said quietly.

Is that why you feeds it? Bunnykinz persisted.

No. It’s offerings for the dead to come and claim their own. She said simply.

Will it know it’s dead? Bunnykinz went on.

Yes. But it will be too late by then.

She smiled at Bunnykinz.

Deep in the dark of the end of a timeless fall through darkness of light under the roar of the thunder of the fall of a thousand minds lost in the darkness of chaos and discord. Red turns to black bloodroots and turns to the red earth that gave it life in another time another place another life. The cries of a secret face Biden beneath of mask of golden black and silver night lies the secret death of all that was a dream of a child who walks forever in the shadow of this endless night. The fall goes on but not for ever after and the thud wil break the soul free from the mind to lift the power of three to another dimension beyond the pain beyond the hope beyond the fear. the cage will be locked no more, the keeper lies beneath the red rose marked by the cross of despair to rot a thousand lives without a tear.


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