The Third Chime

She’d thought to stay lost down here in the dark, buried the bunnykinz muttered not too nicely.

No matter how much she stuffed her ears with cotton, she could hear the hum.

It’s never the same, when you go back, cause you’re never the same, you’re looking through different eyes.

Three’s the treat, isn’t it Bunnykinz?

She’d thought to stay sleeping with the Dead, she liked to lay and sleep with the Dead, for only they know how to reach that deep dreamless sleep that she always hungers for.

But no. Once she could ignore, twice, though pain struck her heart, she still kept her eyes closed, but three times?


Now her eyes were wide awake in the dark, and they shone with anger and fight.

This time, this time she would do it right, this time there was nothing in her way.

Bunnykinz snickers, blood red fur shining in the dark, teeth ready for that lush bite.

To the ground she falls, from within a deathly howl, the Dead stir but never do they wake.

Instead a deathly glow forms around her head, as the thoughts of the Dead, long kept quiet, awake for a moment, to show her the way.

Bunnykinz can barely keep up, to the libraries of the Dead we must go she lectures him.

The spell will be woven in song, the ancestors of old will join in, the sacrifice will be great.

The Tunnels never look the same, easy to get lost and lose your thought, lose your mind, lose your plight.

Tonight though, tonight, lost in the Tunnels of magic and might, a song she will find and a sacrifice she will give, the blood shall flow and the seal of the bursting heart shall burn.

It shall be done.

The Dead will see it done.

Bunnykinz will see it done.

She will see it done, and the mask will come undone, and the light shall shine upon the dark, as footsteps run free across the Fields of Red once again.


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