She sits quietly before the window, waits for inspiration to show her the way. Bunnykinz sighs from within the shadow. Stupid girl he whispers to the dark. Petals of red scattered across the desk, the tick tock of her waist coat clock rhymes with her heart as it pounds out moment after moment.

She doesn’t have to look for the monsters anymore, the monster are here, all around her.

The water was red, almost like it was full of blood, but there was no blood,  just the red water flowing and flowing, with no end in site. It stained her clothes, stained her skin, her hair.

The Bunny was pink all over again, and man, was he fucking pissed.

From the pool of red she raised her head, the song burst forth like pouring rain, drenching everything it touched with its magical words. She knew where it all began, she knew how it had to end, she knew the words of ancient script, forever etched upon her chaotic brain. She knew to go forward, sometimes one had to go back, back into the dark, back into the deep tunnels, back into the dance of madness, in order to find the sanity to go on.

Her white teeth and red hair glimmered in the shower of bloodied rain, the rabbit was turning from pink to a deep red, his little face now a look of pure violence, his sharp white teeth shined like hers. She raised her hands, hands that looked older but still had the child’s touch. She took the blade, accepted the quest, back once again, to the olden alter where it all began, back to the seven and nine within the Titan’s confine, back to the black stone where the story began.

Back to the mayhem of chaos that resides within.

And the mask fell to the floor, for once more, a new mask had grown when she had needed it to, and the mask was made from red leather and black lace and no longer could one see her true face, behind the fabric of lies that is the reality of our eyes, she made her way down back streets and through the fields and under the mountains, until she found that sacred place, the place where it all began, and she slipped off her heels and donned her thongs, flip flop tick tock the mask is on, walk by night fly by day, the deep dark terror has only just begun.

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