Under The Red Starlight

The moon felt so close she thought she could touch it, kiss Lady Lunar right on the lips. Her hand reached out, her red fingernails shone for a moment under Her light, before turning black as the night in the shadow. A thousands stars sparkled red, the blood of the cosmos glimmering across the black never ending sky.

She took her magical chalk and drew the invisible circle under the light of the huge moon. The symbols she drew around it of her own making. That is how it was, how it used to be, and how it should always be. She had thrown away the books (well not really, packed away in a cupboard for she had not the heart to throw such things away) she had walked backwards through her memory, and through the memory of her ancestors, she remembered how the Old Magic was done, and now that is what she practiced.

Symbols drawn under the red starlight, words whispered upon the dying breeze to the Lady Lunar who was overseeing this moment in a million. Into the circle she places the relevant objects as offerings, singing softly a tune for the ear of dark things only. She rises and spits her words aloud, throwing her hands in the air.

A big black bat lifts from the tree, squawking and flapping its wings in a giant circle above her, one, two three times before settling back in the big old tree. She takes this as a sign, a sign that her magic has worked, and Lady Lunar will bless her words, accept her offerings.

Her work is done, and now she lays upon her back, watching the sky shimmer with red under the watchful of eye of silver light, knowing this journey never ends, it just begins again and again.

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