Tick Tock Resurrect Click Clack

The clock flicks past 3am, tick tock hoppity hop Bunnykinz digs in the middle of the CrossRoads. Magic and mayhem once again under foot.
Click clack click clack.
Here in the darkness, out Over the Edge of darkness, swanky new shoes cut through the night. Stabbing holes into the hard earth, leaving a trail of scents that could only mean one thing…
It is a hard path. Forever feeling like you are scratching at the edge of the abyss, trying desperately not to fall back in … but not quite sure you want to drag yourself over the edge. Not sure you are ready, not sure if it is the actual edge or just another level of the torment of this endless maze of tunnels running deep under your conscious.
So many manifestations of Self. All are separate, yet all seem to make us whole. We seem to not be able to function without all of them together, all these aspects of Self.
That is why we had to dig her up. That is why we had to come back. And that is why here, we have found all those lost things. And so much more.
Death looks good on her, little miss mo mutters, but deep inside all of us shuddered.
Click clack clickity clack, the bitch in heels is back.


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