Darkness Forms


We have wondered through the scapes of dreams, shared our spaces and the spaces of those we know and those we don’t. We have talked with angels and bartered with demons. We have seen the best that humanity has to offer and experienced the worst. We have known the greatest happiness and felt the deepest sadness. We have crossed the void, walked the bottom of the abyss and gone beyond the veil.

Finally, we have gone Over The Edge, into the place where the darkness takes form and becomes something amazing. We walk beyond the boarders of human thought and rules of society. We have found our own mind and our own self. We have become one together.

We have reached the middle of the great crossroads and found that the answer is not in the paths you take, but in the place you all come to meet.

We have become. The red flows freely among the tress, in the stone of the mountains, among the grains of sand, across the clouds, among the waves, deep down the streams.

The journey hasn’t ended, the journey never ends, it just twists and turns and makes beautiful patterns in the magical sand.

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