Little Miss Mo

We all have an evil side, don’t you know, she whispered to the bunny, some wear that mask on the insides and some wears it on the outsides but some peoples pretends to not wears it at all, and makes it look all pretty and stuff. 

But we sees bunnykinz, we sees the real mask and even though we wants to rips it off, we won’t. We will leave it to her ….

And the bunny shuddered as much as a bunny could.

Deep in the pitch black of the darkest dark of the deepest hole in the midst of the abyss within the abyss pale white hands work fast in the glow of red and moonlight. Flickering flame heats the metal sparks fly as the hand delicately carves the ancient symbols to make the plate complete. The red stones laid in gold upon her long white fingers glow brightly for a moment, as the last line is drawn. Such magic comes from deep within, from the darkest parts of the soul. For even though she is the mistress of dark, she knows that there must be light, just as she knows to create death, there must be life, the cycles must always turn, what goes around must come around. This is how it goes for her, always has and always will. Sometimes though, she does like to dabble, deep in the dark, behind the mask, where magic happens unseen, and dead things talk, deep beyond the edge of the barrel of the basin that claims to be the abyss, deep beyond the veil of all that was reason and all that was true. Out here, where nothing is true and everything is permitted, out here where a ritual a day keeps the demons on side. Here in the world of little miss mo, maker of masks and keeper of dead things. Here, where the real magic happens, where little miss mo remembers all that the others forgot. Here in the dark, nothing but a red glow, bathed in moonlight, whispers and bursts of laughter, here, little miss mo will carve out a mask and for the wretched soul, corrupt government or super power that’s crossed her path, if you’re unlucky enough, it might just be carved for you. 


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