Half Moon Hunt

She’d wondered in the dark of day maybe too long, maybe strayed too far. She’d forgotten more than most would ever know. Bunnykinz hung loosely over her arm, forever the perfect companion.

At some point, she’d forgotten too much. Or maybe she’d just gotten so good that she’d thought she’d become immortal, untouchable  … or something. She’d lapsed. After all, she’d mastered things that should never be whispered even in the light of the brightest day. 

So when the first monster in forever appeared, it took her. 

Bunnykinz landed with an undignified thud on the ground. 

It took her a moment to stop walking in dreams and realise that this wasn’t some new nightmarish scape but instead something had her. It took her a further few moments to pull together enough energy to find her voice and loose it. It took her hours to get over the fact that she had dropped the ball, let her defences drop, had left herself open

She shuddered as she picked up her bunny and dusted him off. She sang the ancient names, she whispered the words known only to her and Bunnykinz, she got her game face back on and her damn boots.

God the boots. Barefoot for so long and now to be constrained again, her feet were not happy. But she sucked it up, strapped on a bullshit sharp katana and went to hunt the thing that thought it could attack her. 

She would find it, she would kill it, than she would kill it some more. The smirk raised her lip in almost an animal like way. She felt good. 

Alive again.

And she had a taste for the deep dark places and to kick some monster ass.

She was coming for them, and she had her bunny. 


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