Mask No More

Hippity hoppity boo the bunny will never stop chasing you, across the mountains, across the seas, under the world, upon the moon forever he will chase you, bippity boppity hop a never ending chase from your sleep to your dreams to your life to your nightmares forever running eyes wide shut the little bunnykins never stops.

The golden eye flicked open after sleeping for years untold. He felt for her, not expecting to feel a thing, yet he felt her pulse, beating in time with his own, heard her thoughts, though muddled and confused and dark, then he felt her pain, and both eyes opened wide, a roar began to grow deep within as he sought to find her, but all he could feel was her pain and her terror and the teeth piercing her skin as the scream rang out within her mind and into his. The roar escaped his mouth, the earth shook, children cried and maidens wept. From the cave in his mountain rest he leapt, giant wings upon the air, following the screams of her torment in his mind, with nothing but death upon his mind.

Red rocks glimmer in the sunshine upon the green grass of a place that was once upon a time home. Long has her line strayed from these mounds, from this magic. Her white skin absorbed the heat from the sun that glares down upon her naked skin. The red ribbons in her hair hang all the way to the ground, and twirl in the gentle breeze that kisses her skin. Her dance is slow, her feet slip from point to point, forming a pattern that only her mind can see. Her hands wave about, the red stones upon her fingers looking like flame caught in the sunlight.

The dance finished she kneels upon the ground, digs her hands deep in the earth, looking for buried secrets within. The stones scrape her nails, she drags them from the earth and lays them upon the ground before her, cleans all three with her hands, sings to them a song from her heart. The stones glow in the sunlight, fire leaps from the three of them and before her forms the image of a glowing fire bird, who sings her song back to her own heart before bursting into blasts of flames and rising to join the sun. The stones turn to ash and she gathers the ash and smudges the ash across her naked skin.

Her face turns up to the sun, and she yells the words of magic to the Great Fire God in the Sky, beginning to dance again she flies across the green grasses of home lost long ago.

You know it is going to work one day, don’t you? You know one day, you will get it right, don’t you? I am counting on it, banking on it. But can you live with the cost of your freedom, Miz Mo, can you live with the destruction you will surely make?

Storm clouds gather across the front of the sun, naked foot with nails of blue stomp upon the mask, what once was is now no more, and what once was gone has come back again. Memory stirs among the broken fragments of the mask that is no more.


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