Kiss the light, see what is hidden behind moon’s night, the fool never walks alone, never walks in the dark, never walks in plain sight.

Kiss the night, feel the depth of the devil’s might, the fool always gets his goal, always wins the round, always plays the clown.

Kiss the dirt at the meeting of three, the fool walks upon the road less trodden, while his mind wanders free upon the road worn thin, his laughter runs ahead of him to spaces unknown.

Love the mask that keeps you free, the mask that keeps you lost, the mask that delivers the fool, love the word of dark, the word of might, the word of flight.

The fool sees with eyes wide shut, wanders upon the tin roof top, hears the rain in the desert, cackles upon the crispy moonlit night, perched upon the deadman’s plight.

Clever is he who sees the fool for whom he really is, smarter than a clown, smarter than a fox, clever witty sneaky little minx, just stole your midnight, left you not knowing, if you’re coming or going, for the fool is all things and nothing, the child who never grew old, the muse who lives in your soul, the freedom you hide inside your secret dreams in the dead of a fool’s sleepless night.

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