Darkness to Light

You’re going to have to speak to him eventually. No, not really, be quite silly rabbit, you will wake him up! And then you will have to have speech with him. You know who he is donchu? Quietness. Yes, he is the man from the Red City. But why is he here? The rabbit wants to beat her senseless with his big ole feet, daft girl. I told you, he is a shape changer, he is from the realms to the far far west, you know what he is, why do you play games with your own mind, stupid girl. The rabbit is quite rudely stuffed under the blankets and muffled with a pillow.

Why is he here?

* * *

The river was running faster and faster, she watched the small boat struggling to stay afloat. Her look was detached. She could probably help, but she wasn’t going to. No doubt it would come back and bite her if she did. Nope just leave things to take their own course.

That worked out well for you.

Stupid dead bitch with no shoes, always gotta say sumpin.

She’d been home. It was dead. The willow trees had lost their green. Everything was the colour of sand. the fucked up rabbit was a god damn skeleton, waving at her from the hilltop, with no eyes.

The boat broke away, the crack as it was swallowed up by the river the last thing she heard before the dream released her and she awoke in the dark, once again.


Do you know where you are going?


Will you talk to me, tell me your name, tell me something other than yes or no?

-sighs- no.

She leads them on, endless steps in the deep darkness, time may have stopped, and all there is now is the steps. He feels he might snap. Her hand tightens on his, he looks up to where he thinks she might be, could it be the faintest of light ahead.

Are we there? Are we almost out? Excitement creeps into his voice.

No. No we are not almost out. But we have left the true darkness, we have almost reached the shores of the lost ocean of sand.

But we are closer, and there is light?

Yes. Closer. Light … twilight. But we might not live.

And off she lead him, he didn’t know her name, but he would follow her to the end of the earth.

The MJ Diaries


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