And just like, as always, everything had shifted. Nothing could be gradual, she complained to the bored rabbit, no, it had to tilt the entire under verse and put everything on it’s head!

The field of red blew gently with the wind for a few moments before the dark brooding clouds covered the entire sky. the breeze became a nightmare upon the wind, blowing the poppies so hard they laid upon the ground. The rain, when it finally fell, was relentless. She stood upon the white pebbles in the middle of the field, the rain and wind beating her body, cleaning her very soul. Eventually, it wore her down and she laid down into the fetal position upon the rocks, her head tucked in tight, and as the rain and wind beat her body, she drifted off to sleep, to find calmer fields until the storm passed.
The field had been flattened. A tower of red petals rose from the southern end of the field. She arose from the pebbles, feeling fresh and new once again. Deep in the earth came the song of the Mistress of the Mask, she was courting death, wooing him with her song. A river of blood was boiling somewhere. She had found that bitches shoes as she walked from the field, and she picked up those strappy heels and walked from the field, into the West, into the setting sun that never set.
It’s all coming back, all of it, we just have to work a little more to make it happen, we do Bunnykinz, cause look look it has all come back, like you said it would and now we can find a way to be what we were born to be and the world will turn dark but the shiny side will light the way through the darkness and we will swallow the pain that will come and we will fight the fear that will say we can not, because we know we can, and we will and we will walk tall in these pretty strappy rainbow coloured pair of shoes!


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