Buried down deep in the fire that is a storm frantic ruins build a ring around your mind the door is white but the book burnt bright in the golden trimmed pages red ink writes the story that can not be told breast lay bare ivy twirls around the air before you know it you’ve entered the monsters lair legs wide open voices call within sex touches your skin falling hard never finding the edge living within the final breath stroke the dawns light pink blossom upon the water drops upon the eyelid raven caw fire ash storm come forth riding waves smoking star a blank wall a swollen cave symbols glow on gold snakes weave upon her hair never must you stare wicked moon smiles from above titans roar below the water stair trumpet signals the end of the beginning the long dark night forever dawning find the path across the way from it always stray upon the broken road of morrow shall thy find a trunk of ash burnt beyond black ruby red shining eyes golden key to the pass hoof and nail hair and sorrow open the gate leap of flight, eyes shut scream aloud kaos becomes the forgotten child


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