I looked upon the Goddess and my eyes turned to stone. 

They fell upon the ground and seeded.

From each pupil a tendril did unfold and began to climb.

Weaving wondering climbing from limb to limb.

Binding me to myself to the ground to the earth to.

My Goddess my empty sockets did turn and upon them.

Her lips did shine and her saliva dripped from her tongue.

Bright light burned within, star shone from places unseen.

My lids shut and my mind sung a song unheard since dawn.

Of time travel through the ages bright blue and violet and red.

Warped and ripped and torn and brought together again.

Lids opened and the world is pure white light bright.

Angels kiss upon thy brow as harps sing Her hymn.

Words upon a fairies wing flutter down and kiss my skin.

Magic falls across my lashes binding my eyes open wide.

Tendrils from the rotten eyes upon the ground.

Slithering sliding coming probing throbbing tasting.

Push beneath my skin behind my eyes they tie the light.

Knowledge as sharp as the crows claw piece my soul.

Nothing is heard but an old woman cry at life lost.

Love gone wrinkled and bare the throne has fallen.

New seed brings old life, bring forth the darkest night.

Let the crown shine again let the hands be unbound.

Butterflies die in the night, skeletons walk forthright.

Black dogs barking at the back gate, hidden trail.

Warriors bane traps fail again hidden deep in the vale.

The jewel of light beckons unseen sight lunars might.

Walk the deepest road round the sun garden sprite.

Knives sharp cut the tendrils down, blood black. 

Smite the ground.

New eyes shine bright in the moon light.

Goddess kiss upon the pupil blight the fight.

Bring forth new blood bring forth new love.

Slay those demons that forged a hold.

Diamonds twinkle in the sky, pierce the heart.

Tonight comes the days end, tomorrow.

Goddess brings the second light






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