Do you ever remember the beginning, he asks her.

I try not to.

There are things in the dark, things that she dug up, with his help and they sang to them until the things come to life and they made friends with them and sang and danced and made merry in the fields of red.

Now, they want to dance and sing all the time, but she is tired, she wants to sleep but the mask won’t let her rest, won’t let her lay in peace until it is all done.

Down by the stream, 
where the willow trees sing
the song of the old riverman,
a crow will bless your dream
and darkness will bloom upon 
your sorrow and your despair,
the glowing light of never
ending night
yours to carry until worlds end,
dreams woven upon royal red
dread the darkness of the dead
down by the stream,
where the willow trees sing
the song of the old riverman.

Cobblestones peep through the grass, the ivy chokes the stone too stubborn to fall, a weeded path leads to the hearth, a fire tended by a hand unseen, upon the bare stone the sacrifice is laid, words of a prayer whispered to the wisps of smoke, flame breaks out and claims the gift, tendrils of smoke surround your form, kiss of the Goddess, cleanse your soul, three steps to the left the bottomless well, tears fall upon the water the bucket rises with no rope, wash ones self pure and clean, no curse of wicked words no taint of heart upon thy self found, reflected back and taken back to the blackness under the ground, from the flame the bird rises, skin itches fingers on fire the matches you never noticed hit the ground, like a new thing walking across the stones, sharp rock cuts delicate skin, the pact sealed with blood and what was not yours sent back with the power times three, the price of pain worth the harvest it shall reap, the crows come and sing the song of death, lay upon the broken bones of times gone past, under the stars of dark moon night.

He is a dragon, you know. I don’t believe you bunnykins, you’re just saying that! No, a dragon he is, a shape shifter with big black wings, he sings to her. She pouts. She knows something about the stranger isn’t right, there is a glamour of strange magic around him, but oh, how handsome he is! He turns to face her, she sees his eyes for a moment, and in that moment she knew those eyes, her heart skipped a beat as she dragged her preciously evil bunnykins to her face as she turned away and asked him what was going on here. Why can’t I remember? Why?


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