Blood Upon The Fields

That way only leads back to the darkness Missy. I know. It is the way we must go. But what about the light, stupid girl, what about walking in the light? The darkness is our light Mr Rabbit, there is no path for us in the light, only upon death do we walk the path of light. But we have to go back. We lost things we was meant to keep, and we kept things we was meant to lose. There is nothing for it, dear Bunnykinz, back to the start we go, back to the Twilight desert, the path of the bones of the titans we must take, to the dark shapes in the darkness of a never end night, to find the black alter that stands silently upon which the beautifully grotesque spider men do their twisted dance, down we must fall all over again. No, you’ve gone mad, completely bonkers … Totally insane Mr Rabbit. But back we must go, we did not come back whole, we came back fragmented, Little Miss Mo and her masks, Aleria and her damn shoes, the girl in the blue dress, the war of Christina and on and on it goes. Together the nine must make one and until that comes, until we make peace within ourselves dear bunny, back we shall go. But the path will not be the same! That is the point Bunnykinz, that is the whole idea, to go back and walk different roads and face different shades of darkness until our soul matches. Will you not come back again Mr Rabbit?

Never alone in the dark shall you wonder, never alone your battle must you fight, never alone shall your sadness you must swallow, never alone must your tears flow, always I have been with you always by your side always with you I shall be, always your friend I am.
Together, soft furry paw in pale white worn hand, ancient words she sings upon the winds of the world to guide their way through the door way of the opened mind upon the dunes of time unknown down the stone path to the Twilight Desertscape and into the Badlands following a path unclear but for each step across the sands of never-ending shifting time around the bones of titans fallen in vain from dusk to dead of night in a step sharp objects seven and nine grown from the sky into the ground totems of a world unknown to man through the fires of the demons of your darkest desire steps from beyond the blue eyed fair haired devil of ancient lies to be your guide by your hand a dance he leads upon the coals of sins forgotten across the floor of your life whirling turning falling into song upon the edge of the alter you teeter the songs of the men like spiders swirls up to melt your heart and ignite your feet once again demon lover pushes ever so gently down you fall into the midst of teeth and feet dancing and chomping down the path to a land of a thousand towers falling building burning ruined shining skippity bippity boppity boo off with the flow of water running anew washed from the dance by a river of sudden burst down deep into the caves she comes forth falling among the hands and eyes of the dead of the living of monsters and those that don’t exist and all the while in the back of her mind the roar of an ancient call she hears closer and closer and where is that damn bunny where is her demon all alone she falls as the roar becomes more until it is all there is and down she falls until she can go no more her eyes flutter shut as the roar becomes fire consumes the water and into the waiting arms of ancient lore she knows no more …

tick tock tick tock fuck your clock

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