How did she forget the beauty here, the waterfall, the big fat trout that swam up the small stream to lull around in the pond at the bottom of the falls. The beautiful willows, dancing along the banks of the stream, the beautiful lush soft green grass and the wild flowers. The beautiful wildflowers of all colours.

Why did she stop coming here?

Oh yes, the call of the dark, jumping of the ledge, etc etc etc. Her path had strayed long from the beautiful shade of the old oaks. But, to find ones light, one must first face their darkness. She had not only faced hers, but she had danced with it in what felt like an endless waltz to the death.

Her darkness is her light. And she had to go a long long way down into the deep to discover that.

Nothing was being easy. Sure there were moments of oh, maybe its getting bett… oh no back down we go. The lessons were in motion, and she was learning in the only way she knew how – the hard way. But what didn’t break her just made her stronger, more determined. She had turned her eyes back, and in doing so was so thrilled at the things that she was re-finding. She knew, that without the journey, she would not see with eyes wide shut, would not understand all that lay before her.

Her bright red toe-nails sunk down into the green grass, her red dress with green ribbon swirled around her body, Mr Rabbit, all fat, white and shiny, in his new red and green vest, sat looking at his new gold watch. In her hand she held a lit candle, which she sung a poem around as she walked through the oaks. Before long, she felt footfalls beside her, and a voice joined hers in the poem. Her Lady walked beside her, green mantle flowing behind her over the grass.

She was home, and home, it seemed, had been waiting for her to come back.


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