Tattered Ribbons

The ribbons were fluttering from various branches in the holy tree, once beautiful silky red now just tattered threads, like splashes of blood among the green leaves.

The bunny is thoughtful, quiet for once. Before them lays a great rend in the earth. It’s dark down there, darker than anything we’ve ever seen before. The rabbit whispers. She isn’t used to the old rabbit being so subdued, but peering over the edge into the never ending darkness, she understands why. She sits down on the edge, legs dangling over. The bunny hippity hops over into her lap and she strokes him, just like when they were both young, so long ago.

Do you know what it is? He asks her. She is startled that after all this, the rabbit doesn’t know what lays before them.

Why Mr Rabbit, do you not know death when you see it? Do you not see all the beauty that lays before us, in the darkest darkness of all? Do you not feel the pull and the push of the battle between life and death that is all around us? This is our end bunny, right here before us. We have seen it before, even if you choose not to remember.

But it didn’t look like this, it didn’t look so huge, so … final.

We had nothing to lose back than Mr Rabbit, it was just you and I, but now, we have reasons. But I do not fear here and if the time comes, Mr Rabbit, will you not hold my hand and float from the edge?

The rabbit frowns and pulls himself up before her. There is not a thing you will do that I will not!

And she is happy because for all these years, in all her loneliest moments, in all her deepest and most darkest moments, he has always been with her, from when she was a wee girl and was teased about that imaginary rabbit, told it would go away, chastised for believing, yet here they were 4 decades later and still together, still best friends. And now, with her words, he was real, as real as he could ever be, and she knew that in her heart, he would always be with her, right to the end, whenever that might come.

The ribbons finally tore lose from the tree, they rode alone, separate strands fluttering off down each of the crossroads. Up and away they went, and all about them was her essence. One lone ribbon strayed from the path, strayed beyond the walls that had been built high, frozen and covered in stone, somehow, one tiny piece of ribbon made its way through the barriers and came to rest on a stone floor and in the darkness, a golden eye snapped open, and he smelt her scent, smelt her life and deep from within his belly a roar built until he let it go and the very ground shook and the walls began to crack. He was awake, he remembered, and he was coming for her, and nothing would stop him this time. ~ The MJ Diaries

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