Under the Darkness

The time for dancing in the shadows is over, the darkness has covered the moon the blackness of the burnt shadow’s residue drifts over the never never in the dead air under the darkness of a fire lit moon, a new dance shall begin for the Watcher to witness, full from the milk of her Mother’s plump breast her hips will twirl and her toes will make patterns in the ancient dirt before the fire light, her breast shall shake and her eyes will close, the hum will erupt from within her darkest place and the fire shall leap from her soul into the burning darkness of the full moon behind the shadow, what wasn’t meant to be but became shall be undone, the charmed shall become the cursed and follow the stream of red that runs to the river of blood behold the swirling fires of the kingdom of death, the ground will be scorched, the jar shall melt, the dreams within shall be purified in the flame of the wicked tongue of the fire of the unlit moon laughing beyond the shadows of the never ending darkness of the night that begun before time, and will go on long after the soil has turned to dust and the rotted corpse of your misery has fallen beneath your feet untie your chains and set you free to fly among the birds above finding the place where you belong.



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