Thunder and fire
Surround the air
Hear my roar
Heed my words

Deep earth churns burns fingers bleed blistered lips feed among the living the dead survives licking boots upon a stone hearth the cauldron boils broth of wicked works and dragons bane toads poppy red against the black find the night sprinkle just a wee bit salt the wound make it sting forever is a moment lost for synth work of the three is the art of three is the rule of three behind the mask the little girl asks which pot will bring you home child’s bane stuck in your side pliers rip the sore from the skin pus blow forth rots upon the rocks of the buried desire broken words turned upon a curse forever ends today tomorrow brings the fire falling from the sky Lady of Lust brings your luck Watchers from the Shadows hold your back walking running jumping from the edge behind the veil upon the ledge the little brown bird sings a song of sorrow who knows the words of your heart furrow in the vault of never never here there be monster among the magic in the land of the lost among the red dust of time’s end.

Watching from the shadow
Lusting from the dark
Crawling upon the field
Of blood of love lost
Upon the Hill
Ov Sorrow

Three faces of the mask of Miz M, shining through your darkened window, eyes shut wide open walking through your dreamless sleep finding your secrets kissing your needs loving your peace ripping your soul lost deep upon the scapes of those that have come before who will come again who dreamt your dreamless sleep behind the mask beside the veil within reach beyond your grasp.
The red ribbon floats heavily in the air, the blood drips here and there. The white rabbit careful not to get his white fur stained, hippy hops singing tick tock tick tock fuck your clock, red cloak covers the masked face bare feet skip across the grass, cackle cracks across the air, robin red breast upon the sill, magic reborn, mayhem refound, mystery revealed, chaos abounds, the Watcher is come, with him he brings Her Lust, let the long dark night begin again …

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