Moonlight's Dark

It took her a moment to realise when exactly all this started. It wasn’t 7 years ago, or 10, or 20 or even 40, it was the moment she came into existence. It started than. Her well overdue and delayed birth should be proof enough of that. Of having to be born at an exact moment, an exact alignment, an exact dose of double fire. Yeah, it started way back than. Chaos has always been in her blood.

~    ~   ~

The layers of petals are perfectly beautiful. They greet her every morning and bade her good night every evening. Such bursting beauty should never be taken for granted, and the ruffles of the petals was full of that busting beauty. Such beauty reminded her that paradise is not a place, but a thing, a thing you can make if you only so desire to.

~   ~   ~

The grinding was slow, almost painful, as the worlds turned to finally begin the next stage in the ongoing saga of the business of living. For such a person who has little patience, who just wants to begin it was horrible, biding ones time until all the little pieces were in the right chaotic mess required to ignite the perfect act of mayhem.
But it was coming, the pieces were falling and rolling away to all the dark places, the mystery shrouded closer each day, with teasing hints of magic to come. Her time would come, it would begin she would finally do something, she has no idea what, but the time for standing on the edge, waiting for that something to come, surely it was time, she felt it in her bones, in her inability to wait another moment, yet shuffling feet watching the tick tock tick tock flow on and on. 

Her blood has began to sing with the hum. She doesn’t know what that means, but by gosh is she excited.

~   ~   ~

The rabbit hops lazily across the desert. Been a while since he was here with his nice white fur, shining brightly in the moonlight. He hops around and around, looking to be lost but rather hoping in exact chaos. He hums and now and than the words “tick tock hop hop” escape his little bunny mouth. Finally he stops and his big ole teeth shine in the light as he smiles. He begins to dig frantically, and before long quite a hole has formed. He reaches into his little pocket of his lovely red vest and pulls a small bag out, he checks the knotted top is tight before placing the bag in the hole, words whispered under his breath as he goes. He fills the hole back in, using his big back feet to stamp the ground smooth. He hops forward a few more spaces and looks back. Not even he can see where he just made the hole, the desert has smoothed the sand, taken the burial and made it it’s own, it belongs to the desertscape now.

~   ~   ~

Will it work? I don’t know. It hasn’t worked before, you know. Yes yes I know, but we have to keep trying. It is what we do. But what if it doesn’t work … I don’t know if I can bare it. It will work, this is why it doesn’t work, you have no faith! I had faith, I had faith when we burnt it all and laid the curse and we did everything right, we even gave the sacrifice! Yes yes, I know, but I wonder if the sacrifice was tampered with, if it was received. But we have nothing left to give, or more precisely we have nothing we are willing to give. There is always something to bargain with, there is always a price that can be negotiated. It will work. Why? Because this time, it has to work …


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