Darkest Fire

As the world sets upon the burning flame that is the existence upon this glowing orb, a tear slips from her tired eyes. 

Nothing ever prepares you for the burn, you know it’s gonna come, hell you brought the God damned matches. But you never quite remember how luscious that burn is, never can quite remember the taste, the feel, the lust that burns inside you. And when you feel it, you can’t understand how you forgot just how amazing the burn feels. 

It’s mayhem and mystery and chaos and madness and insanity and desire all rolled into one. It’s fucking heaven meeting hell and your body just drowns in it. 

It’s why you go back. 

The burn.

It’s like waking on the sun when your invincible, immortal, unde-fucking-nialable. 

It’s nothing y’all would ever understand, unless you been there,, with the matches, lighting the flame, catching the sun into the darkness beyond, and not ever caring if you make it back. 

~ MJ


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