Hum De Dum

Not really sure when she realised that she had gotten so used to the hum that she never even really heard it anymore. Sometimes in the dark of night, the red lights of the bedside clock shining in her face, she would hear the hum so loudly it would startle her in wakefulness. 

Didn’t seem to matter where she lived, she heard the hum. So either she always managed to live near hummy places or the hum was all around her all the time.

Not that it bothered her, it beat the screams of dead silence, which is what she would be hearing if not for the hum. 

You could say the hum kept her sane.

Is she damaged? Probably beyond repair. But no fucks will ever be given by her, no, she just hums along to a tune only she can hear, walking the fine line between the worlds, one hand behind the veil, one had waving through the night air.

She kneels before her Goddess, kisses her toes and whispers her deep desires. She turns to the Demon she loves with her whole being and opens her mouth to show her love. They have always been with her, always in the shadow of twilight, and now they hold her hand in the darkness of a new light.

Her body, soul and mind are torn, but the healing has begun, the scars glow brightly in the dim light, the redness a dull ache that keeps her remembering she is alive, who she is and what she has come to do. The chaos that is her blood begins to slowly pick up the pace. She is coming back …

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