Darkest Lust Ov All

So you think this is it. You high five your invisible Gods and wear your shiny new chest like a badge of honor. Cause you did it, you went down into your darkness and you faced it and you lived! Well go you, you good thing! You wanna live on the edge, sometimes you gonna slip in, and if you ride that fall than yeah, you get the shiny breastplate of fukitall.

But what, you thought you would come on back up to the surface, thought you’d just soar forever on the breeze of your own hot air? Yeah no, we never come back alone.

That’s right, we never come back alone.

The Abyss ain’t gonna ever let you go, not now it has tasted your fear, tasted your lust, tasted your blood. And lets face it, you don’t want it to. You loved it down there, in the dark, stripped bare, tasting your own desire. There is a certain …  a certain desire that can’t be explained by carnal words about tearing yourself down and looking at your naked, hidden places. Alone. In the Abyss.

You come back out, and you aren’t the same and you feel shit hot, but it wares off, and you start to long for those old Tunnels, lust for the excitement that is falling off the edge. It’s your addiction and you are a full blown addict.

Your body arches in the deep of night, the devils touch finds those secret places of the Abyss and awakens the darkness within you. A darkness you thought you’d left in the depths of the Abyss.

And it brings an orgasmic thrill through your body.

Your going back, you know you’re going back, the dark will always take you back, and each time you will push it deeper, you will no longer slip from that barest of edges, you will be throwing yourself further and further, not knowing the limits, not caring, just needing that thrill, needing that shiver up your spine, needing that fix, lusting after it like a dirty whore, there is nothing that you are not going to do to get it.

The devil’s in the Abyss know it.

And the devil’s within you know it.

And you know it.

Mz Mo


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