Tick Tock Fuck Your Clock

The bunny is dead twisted in the rain lost on a river of tears that were never cried.

The bitch got her shoes back and now she wants to stab some fuckers eyes out.

The whore lays alone in her bed lusting, longing, waiting.

The maker of the mask licks her black lips as she strips herself bare.

Black leather on white skin bright eyes sparkle deadly glossed lips wicked smile.

Nothing ever stays the same the darkness never stays away.

Always standing at the same station always riding the same train.

A new carriage a new mask a new bag of tricks.

You shoulda buried her deeper.

Shoulda burnt her mask.

Shoulda forgotten her name.

Shoulda got the damn keys back.

Naked skin peels away, decay and rot slips into the never never as she is reborn.

A new mask weaves under the death.

A whole new bag of fuckery in her hand.

And no pesky fucking rabbit to fuck it all up.

Tick tock fuck your clock, the Mistress of Masks is back.


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