Bunny on a Ledge

It’s endless. Never ending dust and dirt and crumbling bones. The sun, if that is even what it is, bores through your head, through what is left of your soul. You don’t think your mind is there anymore. Not much of it anyways. Just enough to run a non stop narrative of natter though your brain and to make your feet keep working across the scorched earth. Fuck, you don’t even know your destination anymore.

It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey don’t cha knows.

Fucking dumb girl from the bush, thought you was so great, walking out the door when you was just a babe, thought the big city and bright lights was for you didncha? Yeah wasn’t you wrong. Big city showed you. Showed you what you were made off, what you was capable off, what you could survive. It made you dangerous, in your mind. Or what’s left of it, ay. Yeah, you wen looking for answers little girl, and you got more than you bargained for. That was one hell of a foundation you laid yourself. Now build on that shit.

The rabbit is about 20 paces behind, about two days before he had finally stopped nattering on about time. Now he was just a steaming pink fluff ball of pissed off stuffed rabbit. She stopped. She waited. He caught her up. He stopped. They both looked down. They stood on a ledge. The drop was endless. It just went on until you couldn’t see nothing.

‘It’s dark down there. I don’t think we should hippity hop down there Mr Rabbit. We don’t even know if there is a bottom.’

That’s the point missy’

The rabbit takes her hand, they look at each other and she laughs. And she cries.  She sweeps the rabbit up into her arms and jumps right off the edge.

She doesn’t know if she will ever stop falling. She doesn’t care.

~ MJ


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