Hillbilly Hymns

‘Wake the fuck up.’

The words seemed harsh to her deaf ears, hearing not for the first time but for the longest.

‘And what the fuck is time anyway? Some meager little thing y’all dug up so you could try and capture something that is not fucking yours to capture? It is sickening, you are sickening. Time only exists in your fragile little mind, and even if time was real, you wouldn’t be able to even slightly fucking grasp the tiniest concept of it with your crude mind.’

The ruins float through the air, what look like chaos to others is inner peace and perfection to her. The road traveled back was not the road first found. The road is never the same if you’re doing it the way it’s meant to be done. 

The long dark night is here or was it ever really gone or has it just gone on longer than one thought or is it just another of a continuous circle of long dark nights, begun in a time so distant even the stars have forgotten …

Y’all think you know. Well y’all know nothing. You might see a glimmer of the veil, hell you might even be clever enough to  stroke that baby with your hand, but you aren’t smart enough to pull it back, you ain’t brave enough to step through it, you ain’t enlightened enough to see with your eyes what hides behind the closed curtain of the endlessness. Hell you can’t even grasp what the fuck I am talking about. Y’all just walk around naming names and playing games, never knowing what the true meaning of what you do is. Never even caring to fucking know, just wanting to talk the fucking talk.

It’s fucking hilarious for the ones who actually make it through with eyes closed tight but mind wide open.

But y’all just keep doing what lets you sleep at night. It’s better for those of us who don’t sleep, we don’t gotta put up with you blundering around in the darkness with no fucking idea of where you are, what you are or what’s fucking behind you.

He is just a man. A mad one at that. Best leave him alone, best give him a wide birth. Bat shit crazy that one, don’t dare read his works! 

Here now at the dawn of a new day the words of a mad ol’ Hillbilly stroke the fire of thy soul. Awakening of things forgotten of words spoken but never told. The darkness finds new light in olden ways. The grey light struggles to break through the dark night as the world wakes to the beginning of the dying of the summer of light.

Listen only to the words of your heart, follow the beat of your own drum, dance in your own storm, create your own light, never trust another with your soul, the bricks are made from mortar and stone, the dance is never the same, watch those little spider men they bite, walk the roads which are your own, but if a hand holds out don’t be afraid to sometimes dance in the madness others have made,  twirl beneath the stars of another, take your minds and become lovers, never fear the divine self, jump from the ledge with sheer delight, only look back without want of hindsight, all that we were makes up what we are, live each moment like you are a superstar, recall your divine nature at all times, what others call madness you will call peace, but above all things remember who you are and what defines you, because without this you are nothing but another floating on the sewer of the current that carries us to places we were never meant to see.

You think you can win, you think this is a fight. You have no fucking idea what you do in the deep of night. The ones you summon the ones you call, laugh at you and relish your fall. You take these things and play with them like toys, you think you are some great worker of words, but you have no concept of the meaning behind the sound that comes from your rotten little mouth. I walked in your shoes, the ones I called laughed at me, their roar awoke my soul until I could hear no more and my eyes filled with blood. It was not until I was blind that I could see. Wake up you stupid children. You want to just walk in and take things that don’t belong to you. You don’t want to reach the depths of despair, but live like kings and show your ware.

I laugh at how fucking stupid you are. You think you can ride this wave all the way to the crest but while you are looking at the sky gloating to the stars, behind you in the deep dark water comes your final despair. The tendrils grasp what the heart is too stupid to fear and before you know it, you just fucking disappear.

That is how it is, that is how it was and that is how it will always fucking be. Only the maddest of them all make it out, and if you know where to look, if you know where to seek, their works can be found, but read them at risk, because madmen aren’t always born mad, and madness is not a cloak all can wear. But if the spark resides within you, and a madman you are a set to be, than the light of darkness shall find you, and the veil shall part and your closed eyes will lead you down a never ending winding path.

~ Little Mz Mo

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