Of Dark and Pink Bunnies

The question is, my dear, which reality are you in?

She thinks for a little while. Than she walks off. She doesn’t know which reality she is in anymore. Hell she doesn’t even know whose reality it even is. There was so much mish-mashing going on over the years, so many threads so many ties and so many different parts of her herself!

The red rocks are half in light half in shadow. She sits in the shadow. Across the way, the landscape takes a drastic change. Desert sand suddenly turns to snow. The blizzard is ugly in her eyes.

No, it’s what’s inside that is ugly.

Fucking Aleria. Why wont she just shut up and die already!

Fuck the snow anyways. It is cold and wet and nasty.

She turns her back on the blizzard and walks back into the desert, a blaze of fire following her footsteps as she tries again to burn it all down.


After the hideous fucking rainbow troll was gone, there was nothing but darkness. She wasn’t sure what to do next. The worm had taken the fucking rainbow troll. Today was not her day to die, nor this man. Her thoughts shifted to him. She couldn’t even begin to understand the who what why or how of it. No one was meant to be down here but her … so was he part of her … her head began to ache.


The rabbit appeared, glowing pink. She tried not laugh. The rabbit looked seriously pissed off. His tapping foot pretty much summed it up for her and she fought hard to not laugh. If not for the man, she thinks she might have rolled around the floor laughing. The rabbit continued to look very, very angry.


She could see him in the faint glow of the rabbit, he must have fought hard, his eyes had shut when the worm had come, he hadn’t opened them again. She reached down and touched his face. Slowly his eyes fluttered open, a small grin touched his lips. She had to make him move, they had to get away from here. The worm might come back, and down here, no one was ever truly safe.


Stupid stupid girl. The rabbit felt like he spent all his time saying those words over and over and over again. What has she done! Does she even know what she has done! It is going to take years for this one to come full turn. She just sealed her fate again! Stupid girl! Ruined my fur he muttered, ruined it ruined it ruined it. Silly girl, she should have stayed out of it, now everything has shifted!


“It is not a beginning or an ending, nothing ever stops and starts, it is just a continuance that flows in all directions through time, through all the lives you will ever know, and sometimes you will understand and sometimes you wont, but you will always wear your mask, you will always be dying and you will always have need of me, and I will always be here waiting for you in the shadows of your own darkness, mask in waiting, ready to kill your soul and start all over again” MM

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