Inside The Beast

Nothing. No one. No singing. No dancing. Fucking nothing.

She will make her own beat, and she will nail it. Her body starts to move to a beat heard only in her head. Her feet shuffle along, shoulders moving, her motion a perfect mimic of the beats in her head. How long has it been she wonders. How long since she last really danced? How long she listened to her own song? She knew how long. Since she had last been here. That was her last real dance.

She danced now, she turned her face to the darkening sky and willed it to rain. The rain came, the water ran down her body, washed away the dirt from the desert, washed away the memories of the vault, cleansed her soul. Tiny rivers began to form around her feet, but still she danced, her body moving to the flow of the rain and the beat in her head. Twirling and twisting she made her way up an ancient stair case.

To the very top she danced, the rain now poured, the ground gone and an ocean had formed around the base of the ancient stair. Upon here she spun and her voice came loose, and her song swam on the echo’s of the thunder that roared over her head.

Tears mixed with the rain as the song reached her inner self, her broken soul poured out into the night, slowly becoming a scream that seemed to reach the very depth of insanity. Onto her knees she finally fell as the waters still rose and lapped at her toes.

Her face turned to the water, the white caps seemed to reflect her inner turmoil, she let the scream that was still building within her soul continue, now aimed at the turmoil in the water.

And so it awoke something in the deep dark, something heard her call and now it was coming for her.

The waters rose up and a giant wave hovered above her. She stood to her feet again, tears running down her defiant face. ‘I DO NOT CARE!!!’ She screamed at the water as she saw a dark shadow within the wave. She stood still, arms by her side, a look that said nothing can rock me on her face she stepped out into the wave.

Her scream entwined with the dark shadow as it reached out with countless tentacles to take what it thought its to take.

The pain was intense. The thing wriggled as she cut it with her little dagger again and again, all the time knowing she is drowning, but not giving up, never giving up, will DIE fighting and will take whoever holds on with her.

She doesn’t even know what she is stabbing at, but she just keeps striking out. Her lungs are filling with water because she kept screaming now the pain is hers and it is pure. Surely this is it, surely this is her mind snapping she thinks as she stabs again.

The water is pink. It is pretty. So is the rabbit as it floats before her. The red sun is shining on a sea of pink water. Her hair is red, floating around her. Is this what insanity looks like she wonders to herself? The cackle coming from the pink bunny, as it bobs in the water, confirms to her that this is indeed what it is to be insane.


And it feels so good. Now maybe, she thinks, now maybe we can truly begin.

~ MJ

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