Lost Lust

Should have known, should have known when he was back in the shadows, when the wind stopped but the breeze still tickled the sweat that poured from my skin has he touched me again and again and brought a never ending climax as only one of his kind can. Should have known it would never end, should have known it would never stop, should have known I would never stop wanting it, loving it, lusting for it. 

Should have known he was always there, hidden in the shadows, waiting for my eye to catch his, waiting for the lust to build, waiting for desire to drive my soul in sane. Should have known I could never resist the lost lust that my body never stopped craving should have known that this was a road I was always going to walk should have known the headaches would never stop, not really, because without them there can be no lust and with no lust there can be no life …

Lost lust running between my breast, running down the curves of my body, running between my legs, messy hair, blushed face, swollen lips, wet tongue, gentle moans … his name is new but his lust is the same, always the same, and never can I get enough … 

Lost Lust

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