Enter Darkness Here

It was a long time spent in the darkness. She figured the rabbit was no longer white. She can’t quite recall where she left him. She can’t even recall last time she spoke to him. Maybe he is still there and they just haven’t spoken? She remains quiet in the deep darkness. She’d rather not know if she was alone. It’s a game she’s been playing in her mind for a long time.


The Great Worm had spared her life. She still wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not. Lying on the floor in the dark, listening to the great endless hulk surround her, feeling the heat of that great tubal body surround her, feeling the putrid smelling breath as he spoke to her. Spoke to her. Now wasn’t that a conversation one would not forget in a great hurry. Sullen child vs eater of all things in the darkness. Yet eat her he did not. Words said, he left her to her own devices. In the dark. With things almost as bad as the Great Worm.


A fucking rainbow troll. In the darkness, yet it glowed like a fucking night lamp in a child’s room. It was fucking hideous. They are, of course, almost impossible to kill. They regenerate at a speed that defies the mind. She peeked from behind … well she didn’t know exactly what it was. She saw them both fall, the man and the rainbow troll. A streak of light and sword blows.

What the actual fuck imagination?

She turns away. The noise continues. She looks again, the man is almost done in, down on one knee he fends off the hideous fucking troll. God. Why can’t she just walk away. Her own sword has seen too much use down here in the dark, but what the hell, once more wont hurt, and hell, why not go out in a flurry of rainbow streaks.

She comes from no-where, her sword stops what would have been the trolls killing blow. The fucking troll was not happy about the intrusion. She didn’t look at the man, just shoved herself in front of him and began to attack the rainbow troll. The sudden onslaught only gave her a moments jump before the troll caught onto the new attacker and began its onslaught anew.


Maybe it was the troll blood. Maybe it was the deep darkness. Maybe it was just plain fucked up.

But the rabbit was now pink.

And man, was he pissed about the situation.

~ MJ


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