A Short Story on All Hallow’s Eve

I know what you did the voice whispers.  I saw what you did there, even if my eyes are closed, I saw what you did the rain trickles down little streams on the windscreen of the car, the windscreen wipers refuse to work. The inner voice gone quiet I heard those things you said, heard the whispers from your lips.


Her right eye brow twitches slightly, a flash of lightening lights up the sky, I know there were others, I know what you did to them too soaked trees looking dismal and sad are brought to life for a moment as another sheet of lightening brightens the sky, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, oh I think your mouth holds things much worse then butter, perched tight against the trunk, hunkered down against the rain shelters a bird, big and dark looking.


You thought you were so clever, using your gifts to get what you needed but in the end it just showed you for what you really are suddenly a bolt of lightening hits the tree where the bird is perched. The bird squawks and awkwardly attempts to fly off as the tree erupts into sparks and then flame, the branch falling nothing good ever comes of being a whore, don’t matter what you sell or what your payment comes in, a whore always ends up cold and lonely, the bird loses the battle for balance and hits the ground, narrowly being missed by debris from the tree.


The tree is now a burning torch lighting up before her. The rain, as if knowing a war has began, begins to get heavy, attempting to smoother this light that dares brighten the dark night, and loneliest of all will you will be. Cause I know what you done, I know what you do, I know who you really are. the rain has won the battle, the tree is shouldering wet, looking none too happy about being used between fire and rain as their battle ground.


The bird is still fluttering around, it appears his wing is hurt you can’t hurt me anymore, now that I know the truth. The truth will trap us, but eventually, it will set us free. And I am free, and that is why I can see he can’t get up in the air. The storm seems to step up in intensity, the poor bird can not fly, tries to drag himself to the fallen branch, to find some shelter.


She knows what she has to do, I did what I had to do, I will always do what I have to do. This time it happened to be the right thing to do. And I will continue to do the right thing her hand moves to the door handle. The rain comes down a little harder, daring her to get out. She looks around the car, nothing but an old cardigan, which she grabs. As if in laughter, the rain brings in some wind because now I know what you were doing the rain is almost horizontal. Now I know who you are behind those pretty words. Now I see.


More branches start to fall from the shouldering tree, and those around it. The bird is almost a goner now, with little hope of getting shelter, much less avoiding falling branches. She steps from the car, the rain smacks her around some I know what you did, and every time I feel a doubt, I am going to repeat those five little words. I. Know. What. You. Did. I will never forget but she forces herself into the storm.


She splashes through the puddles, the bird panics even harder seeing her coming, she throws a curse at the rain, then tries to sweet talk the bird, who simply squawks harder at her I wish I could tell others, but it doesn’t work that way, and so you get to go on, but one day their eyes will open,  she gently throws the cardigan over the bird, for his protection and hers, and scoops him up, at first he fights, but then he goes loose and she splashes through the puddles back to the car.



She is talking to the bird, telling him she is gonna get him fixed up. She goes quiet, reflecting, they will see you for what you really are and they, like me, will wake up, and they will win and you will lose, because eventually, we will all know what you are doing, then decides to try the dead car one more time. It starts. She looks from the dash to the bird to the dash eventually, everyone will know who you really are, she shrugs ‘go figure’ puts on her lights, turns on the windscreen wipers and drives off into the rainy night, vanishing without a trace.




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