Stars in a black sky, white light lost behind dark clouds.

Kiss of a breeze, wings drift by lazily.

Caught on a current, lost on a thought.

A grain of sand, trapped in seashell.

Blood drips upon my finger tips.

Scream out loud, words on a whisper.

Slip of a tongue, steam rises from the grave.

Walking tall and talking dead.

Where did it all begin, where will it end.

Orange mushroom clouds choke horizons.

Candle light purple wisp of smoke.

Where are you taking me tonight.

Fire burns to shine the light.

Shimmering on the sand without mask.

Dancers upon the stone in the shadow.

Falling stone upon the broken earth.

Ancient words upon the papyrus, lost in time and space.

Never gone neither found is all lost.

Step to velvet linen on the wind.

Drops glisten on the granite in the moonlight.

Deep forest water laps the rocks.

Web woven through the blood.

Circuits short upon the board of memes.

Tunnels, caves, dark pools of the abyss.

Coming, going, lost, found, forever circling round.

~ MJ

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